Calculate solubility in water, ethyl alcohol and other organic solvents



Physical constants of compounds

The table below contains the most important physical properties of the substances in this program. The numeric values are processed or derived data, which may not be exatly equal to the original data found in the reference sources.

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Molecular weight g/mol 119.3770 [0]
Density g/cm3 1.480 [1]
Melting point K 209.95 [2] [1]
Boiling point K 334.25 [2] [1]
Heat capacity of liquid J/mol*K 113.5 [1] [3]
Heat of vaporization kJ/mol 29.24 [1]
Heat of fusion kJ/mol 8.80 [1]

Reference sources:

[0] calculated
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[2] S. H. Yalkowsky, Yan He: Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data, CRC PRESS, 2003, ISBN 0-8493-1532-8
[3] R. H. Perry, Don W. Green: Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 1999 McGraw-Hill Inc.

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