Calculate solubility in water, ethyl alcohol and other organic solvents



Solubility chart

This app calculates (predicts) the solubility of a compound in a pure organic solvent or in solvent mixtures. The results can be obtained in a printable report. If more than 1 solvent is selected, then a solute-free solvent composition should be given too. When finished filling out the form, click on the "Let's see how soluble it is" button.

Tip: click on the measure unit labels to change and convert into another units.
Temperature :    C

State of solute at the given temperature: solid
Type of solubility calculation: SLE (solid-liquid equilibrium)

Solute Benzoic Acid solute-free  
Solvent 1 Water



Solubility calculation report

The expected solubility of solid [solute]
in [solvent(s)]
is 1.0 mass% at 23 C .

The solute can be considered as [soluble] in [cold/room-temperature/warm/hot] solvent(s) described above.

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Solubility Diagram

type: c1-T curve series

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Solubility Table

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